Fight for Due Compensation After an Injury

Fight for Due Compensation After an Injury

Consult a personal injury lawyer in Valdosta, GA right now, we work with clients throughout Lowndes County

Richard A. Wilkes, LLC is an esteemed personal injury lawyer in Valdosta, GA. Attorney Wilkes will work hard to help you get the compensation you deserve. He can represent you if you received an injury at work, on someone's property or as a result of medical malpractice. He also handles wrongful death cases and class action lawsuits.

Sometimes accidents just happen and nobody is at fault. Sometimes accidents happen and nobody gets injured. However when an accident happens and someone is injured, often somebody was negligent and was responsible. hen the negligent actions of another were the cause of an injury, the accident victim may assert a personal injury claim and also, seek compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages, if they miss work. When this happens the assistance from an experienced Valdosta, GA personal injury lawyer is essential. Call Richard A. Wilkes today to arrange a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Valdosta, GA. We look forward to serving you on your personal injury case.

Call attorney Wilkes immediately after a collision

If you're involved in a car or truck accident, it's important to contact an auto accident lawyer right away. You may be unsure of the underlying cause or who is responsible for the accident. This is not a problem. As an established Valdosta, GA personal injury attorney Richard A. Wiles has handled a diverse range of personal injury cases. Attorney Wilkes can help you:

  • File a police report
  • Negotiate court fees
  • Get compensation for medical bills
  • File an insurance claim

Getting into a car accident is painful and stressful. Suddenly you're on the hook for hospital bills and property damage costs. You also might be unable to work. You shouldn't have to pay for an accident you didn't cause-call Richard A. Wilkes now to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Valdosta, Georgia.